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( 2.0 – 6 yrs old )

To best honor young children’s needs for continuity and our school curriculum, We only offer the schedules below.Tuition is based on an academic school year that stats early September and ends mid to late june depending on snow makeup days.


UMA impart students with the ability to respond with persistence and resilience when the encounter challenges, to rely on their ability to solve problems rather than rely on others to prevent them. Our goal is that our students see themselevs are joyful, capable individuals who understand that challenging endeavors are stepping-stones to Greatness.

2 Day

3 Day

5 Day

Full Day





Annual Equivalent




Early Care:





Late Care:





*monthly rates are based on a 12- month payment plan

Enrollment Fees

$100 Application Fee

(Required to Process Application)

$250 Enrollment Fee

(Required to Secure your Child’s Spot after acceptance: Is NOT applied towards tuition)

3.5% to pay Via Credit Card

Processing Fees

3 Equal Installments ($50 Set-Up Fee)
12 monthly Installments ($100 Set-up Fee)

197 8th Street, Suite 600Charlestown, MA 02129