Are you Accredited?


“Montessori” is not a trademarked or franchised teaching philosophy. There is no single governing body or set of universal standards to hold Montessori schools accountable. Montessori schools vary drastically because of this. The two main organizations that offer Montessori accreditation do so at an exorbitant fee for very little in return other than name dropping and a free magazine.

Members on our staff have worked at previous schools that went through the Montessori Accreditation process. They felt strongly that it was not a good use of the school’s resources. We don’t believe that extraneous costs like this make any substantive difference to our student’s experience, therefore we choose not to seek a Montessori Accreditation.

UMA meets the high standards of Massachusetts Department of Early Childhood Education (EEC). As a brand new school, UMA is unable to complete an accreditation process upon opening. UMA will however begin the accreditation process through the National Association Early Childhood Education (NAYEC) when we become eligible to do so.

We are an organization who are entirely mission focused on empowering our future world changers. We embody and live by example, questioning the status quo. This is just another example on how we are reallocating wasted resources to things that matter.


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