How do you assess if UMA is a good fit for each child?


During your personalized visit, a lead teacher will invite your child to work in their classroom while you are meeting with the school Director. The teacher will have some activities prepared so they can interact with your child. During their time together, the teacher will engage the child in a variety of play-based Montessori materials and games. Through these activities, the teacher will ascertain your child’s academic knowledge, their personality, relationship with learning, level of focus, as well as their demeanor and temperament. For the purpose of UMA enrollment, it is important that your child’s temperament is conducive to our learning environment and to other children. It is also important to let us know if there are any special considerations your child will need that may require special attention. UMA may or may not be equipped to meet those needs. We will make reasonable accommodations to best serve all our students.

When meeting with the Director, the school will ask your goals and values to make sure they are harmonious with UMA’s. 

If the family and school are a match, you will be provided our enrollment packet.


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