Why is Kindergarten included with Preschool?


Our Montessori classrooms are engineered to have children that span 3 age groups including the last year being the kindergarten year. For more information regarding this (link to “mixed ages” section) Through observation and study, it is found that children at this age still follow the same developmental pattern as their younger peers. In fact, they are at the point in their academic development where they are starting to show mastery of the lessons they started 2 years ago. This allows for them to complete their understanding of those topics before moving to 1st grade. U.M.A students at this point should be proficient writers and readers and are mastering the basics of arithmetic. Furthermore, being the oldest in their classroom, they are given the responsibility of mentoring their younger peers. This builds confidence, deepens their understanding of various lessons, and gives them a sense of accomplishment.


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