What would U.M.A do in the event of an outbreak?


In the rare event of a vaccine-preventable communicable disease outbreak, all parents in the school will be immediately notified. Parents of children who have opted for a vaccine exemption will be notified and asked to come pick up their child as a precaution. Notices will subsequently be posted on UMA’s classrooms with signs and symptoms to watch for. Exempted children will need to stay at home until the incubation and infection period has passed. Families with infants, coming to pick up their child should keep the infant out of the potentially infect classroom until notices have been taken down.

Families of non-vaccinated children, while absent from school, must continue to make tuition payments, if due, in order to maintain enrollment; non-payment of tuition will result in the revoking of the child’s enrollment. Past due and any fees associated will be sent to collections. 


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