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Beyond our words, it’s our actions as mentors that have the greatest impact. This is why we have a staff whose sense of dedication goes beyond their VOCATION and their PROFESSION to a deeper sense of personal responsibility. Even though our staff come from a variety of backgrounds, they are drawn to Allo Montessori Preschool by a unique unified sense of PURPOSE. Their exuberance and PASSION for teaching is rooted in their personal MISSION to make the world a better place.

Early childhood is the most formative time of a child’s life. It is when they develop their character, moral compass, sense of order, and their perception of the world they live in. It is vital to support these formative years with the best role models and teachers.

Allo Montessori Preschool prioritizes hiring highly qualified, multifaceted teachers who exude a unique sense of PURPOSE and PASSION for teaching. We seek out individuals who not only hold a Montessori certification, but also possess that special spark we’ve all experienced in a great teacher.

Our teachers are especially talented and always surrounding themselves with other especially talented teachers to inspire, challenge and encourage their continued development. No single teacher at AMPreschool desires to be the best of us, rather recognized the opportunity to be part of the best early childhood educational team.

For teachers interested in joining our team

Allo Montessori Preschool hires individuals who take great pride in their profession as a teacher and role model. Our administrators respect and support our staff, fostering long term relationships between our Academy and the exceptional teachers working for us. We encourage and value collaboration between administrators and staff. This sense of community reduces staff turnover and retains a strong sense of continuity with our students and families.


We are looking for amazing people who exude a joyful, professional demeanor. Candidates should be responsible, trustworthy, and take great pride in their work. We love people who are creative diverse thinkers and who are always coming up with new ideas and lessons to rock their student’s minds.


We are passionate about supporting our staff and embracing their skills the same way we want our teachers to support our student’s talents. If you have additional talents or specialties outside of Montessori- like kid’s yoga, creative arts, athletic certification, robotic hobbies, dance, gardening, etc. and would like to teach that hobby as after school programs, we’d love to hear your ideas.


You can expect a lengthy interview where we make sure our school values align with yours and that you can see yourself as a cohesive asset to our team. Supportive and constructive staff dynamics is vital to AMPreschool. When we hire, we host multiple working interviews to assess teaching skills, interpersonal communication skills and collaboration skills amongst the staff. We want a team of teachers who are thrilled to come to work.

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    What parenting resources/groups do you regularly connect with to get information, ask questions, socialize with other parents, etc?

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